Welcome to Olymp Fruit s.r.o.

Olympic Fruit s.r.o. company originated in 2006 as a subsidiary company Olympic Fruit – Balakanakis Bros Nafplio Greece and Olympic Fruit B.V. Barendrecht the Netherlands.

There was change in ownership structure in 2013. Company has become independed and has been renamed to Olymp Fruit s.r.o. The company is certificated and follows regulations ISO 9001.

The seat of the company is in Turnov, which is approximately 80km from Prague.

Olymp Fruit s.r.o. is exclusively engaged in fresh fruits and vegetable import for both supermarket and wholesales. The goal and philosophy of the company is the best service, meaning quality and price for our customers and wide product offer and package.

The goods from Greece is delivered under the Olymp Fruit mark itself and is prepared in two own packing – halls (Nafplio and Kalipoli-Pella). Olymp Fruit supplies practically all kinds of goods from Greek area.

Olymp Fruit s.r.o. imports goods from almost all the European countries and Mediterranean areas. Company trades not only in Czech but also in surrounding countries such as Germany, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary. Low costs, operativeness and own packing – hall support enable up-to-dated price and a good quality deliver to customers. All products are certified according to the authorized norms and the offer is updated according to the situation and costumer’s demand.